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Doug Pollard is a veteran gay journalist, columnist, commentator, and broadcaster specialising in GLBTI issues, based in Melbourne Australia. He often works with Rob Mitchell of the RJM Trust, "We are separate independent and unaffiliated guerilla campaigners and advocates, and the best of mates: nimble, fast-moving, unconventional and above all aiming to drive rapid change", he says.

Show Me The ACLs Money!!

Nabi Saleh & Peter Irvine of Gloria Jeans

Thought I'd see who has given money to the Australian Christian Lobby: tough to find out - they don't include figures in their annual report - but they have to report political donations to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC).

This is what I found.
_____________________________ __________

Political Expenditure - Donation Details - 2010-2011
Australian Christian Lobby
4 Campion Street
_____________________________ ___________
Donations where $11,500 or more was received for political expenditures:

Neil Golding
31/08/2010 - $100,000.00

Gloria Jeans Coffees International, 11 Hoyle Ave, CASTLE HILL NSW 2154
30/11/2010 - $30,000.00

Christian Super Pty Limited, P.O. Box 3035, RHODES NSW 2138
31/12/2010 - $13,636.00
_____________________________ __________

I've been contacted by Lyle Shelton from the Australian Christian Lobby who says "The 'Golding' firm and logo you name and display on your blog post is not a donor of ACL."
I wasn't suggesting the company was: I've since posted a more detailed investigation of the Neil Golding donation here Really Long Link .
In summary, Neil Golding, son of the founder of Golding Contractors, the huge Queensland construction company that pretty much owns Gladstone, Really Long Link wrote a fulsome letter of support for community broadcaster Gladstone & District Christian Broadcasting Association, and is a leading light of the Queensland chapter of the Christian Motorcycle Association , so I reckon it's the same bloke.

_____________________________ __________

Well, we know all about them, don't we? Owned and run by the Hillsong Church elder Nabi Saleh and the high-profile church member Peter Irvine, via Gloria Jean's parent company, Jireh International.

_____________________________ _________


Really Long Link
"Ethical investment" company excercising what it calls "Biblical Stewardship"

If you have ever worked in financial services - as I have - then you will understand why the sanctimonious tone of their publicity is very hard to take:

ďThe earth is the LORDís, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.Ē Psalm 24:1 (NIV)

"The Bible contains more than 2,000 references pertaining to money and possessions. In almost all, it is very clear that our money and possessions arenít really ours, but they are Godís. They are His to give and take away, and also His to portion to us as we need it and use it for His glory. As much as we want to believe whatís ours is our, we must understand that what is ours is actually Godís. And so, what we do with the money and possessions that God entrusts in our care (stewardship) requires the utmost deliberation and care.

"We have been delegated responsibility from our Master to use everything we own and possess (whether it be our money or our possessions, or even our bodies) as though it were not our own, but Godís. That may mean that we are purposeful and intentional on how we invest and use our money and it may mean that we be generous with what we have and own. It means that we no longer use our time, our money, our possessions, our abilities as we see fit for us to enjoy, but these are Godís, and one day we will answer to Him what we did with the portions entrusted to us while on earth.

"Christian Super has partnered with Focus on the Family to produce some resources that aim to assist families to live with financial freedom, free from unsustainable debt, free from consumerism, free to be generous givers and free from the worry of money.

"You can download sermons, small group study material that can be used for Bible Study groups and in local churches, podcasts and tips for good stewardship in relation to money.

"Christian Super welcomes your feedback and questions on any of these resources.

"We pray that they are a blessing in your life, to your family and to your church.

God bless"

Peter Murphy
CEO, Christian Super

_____________________________ ____________

BACK TO THE AEC website. . . . .

Political Expenditure - Donation Details - 2007-2008
Australian Christian Lobby
4 Campion Street
_____________________________ ___________
Donations where $10,500 or more was received for political expenditures:

Bangarie Pty Ltd
GPO Box 4736
MELBOURNE VIC 3001 16/10/2007 $113,239.00

_____________________________ __________

Bangarie is the investment vehicle of business software group MYOB founder Craig Winkler, who made millions of dollars from its dotcom-era listing.

Mr Winkler rarely gives newspaper interviews but has actively promoted his Christianity, climate change credentials and strong business ethics.

In 2005, he gave $200,000 to help the start-up of political party Family First through Bangarie Pty Ltd.

Winkler is now the major shareholder in Xero Ė a web-based accounting platform.
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4 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]
1. June 8th 2012 @ 12:49. Chrys Stevenson Says:
Could this be the delightful Mr Golding?

Really Long Link
2. June 8th 2012 @ 19:33. Doug Pollard Says:
You know I think it is: I got some other biker references but didn't find this. Thank you!!
3. June 11th 2012 @ 00:37. Doug Pollard Says:
Well, it seems as if everyone is going off at Gloria Jeans. I can't help feeling that a) they're very small fry in the scheme of things - the ACL are, according to my sources 'rolling in money' at the moment and banking lots in preparation for the election and b) a lot of small-fry franchisees are going to get smashed, when it's the blokes at the top who are doing the harm. Although one could argue that anyone who bought a GJ franchise in ignorance of the nature of he company a) should have done their homework or b) were duped by the owners and might have a legal argument for breaking their licences?
4. June 12th 2012 @ 11:53. Simon Hunt Says:
Hi Doug -

Yes, everyone's going off at Gloria Jeans ... so having a look at Christian Super "About Us" :

Really Long Link

The 'Quick Facts' summary says "Operating since 1984, Christian Super is a not-for-profit industry fund that provides members with all profits made".

I was wondering if their donation to the ACL, who are not a registered charity, could possibly be a breach of their own guidelines?

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